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Towing vs Transporting

The difference between towing and transporting is that towing generally refers to hooking up your vehicle to a larger one and dragging it along behind, while transport is a door-to-door service that will pick up your vehicle and deliver it to your new location.

The difference between towing and transporting is that towing generally refers to hooking up your vehicle to a larger one and dragging it along behind, while transport is a door-to-door service that will pick up your vehicle and deliver it to your new location.There are a few things to keep in mind when deciding between towing and transporting your vehicle:



  • Can be less expensive than transporting

  • You can do it yourself


  • Your vehicle is exposed to the elements

  • Your vehicle is more likely to sustain damage while being towed

  • Towing can be difficult and dangerous



  • Your vehicle is protected from the elements

  • Your vehicle is less likely to be damaged


  • Can be more expensive than towing

  • You need to find a reputable company

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What is a Tow Dolly

A tow dolly is a device that is used to tow a vehicle behind another vehicle. It is typically used when the vehicle being towed is not able to be towed by a standard tow truck. Tow dollies can be rented from many different companies, and they typically come with instructions on how to use them. There are some things that you should keep in mind when using a tow dolly, and these tips will help you to avoid any problems.First, you should make sure that the tow dolly is properly secured to the vehicle that you are towing The first step is to properly secure the tow dolly to the vehicle you are towing. This can be done by following the instructions that come with the tow dolly. Make sure that the straps or chains are properly attached and tightened. If possible, have someone help you to secure the tow dolly. Next, you will need to attach the vehicle to be towed to the tow dolly. Again, follow the instructions that come with the tow dolly. Make sure that the vehicle is properly secured and that the brakes are set. Once the vehicle is properly secured, you can begin towing it. Be sure to go slow and be careful. If you are towing a vehicle that is not operational, you will need to be extra careful. If you are unsure about anything, be sure to ask someone for help. Towing a vehicle can be a bit tricky, but if you follow these tips, you should have no problem. Just be sure to take your time, be careful, and ask for help if you need it.


If you don't have a vehicle that you can use a tow dolly, you may have to rent one, which will increase your costs. Of course, you can always buyone, but if you only need it once, it might not be the best choice. One reason to own a tow dolly could be if you use it with an RV, as described by this RV owner who chooses to use one. Even if you own a tow truck, many companies won't let you rent a stroller unless you also rent one of their trucks. Driving at high speeds with a towing dolly can cause a dangerous fish tail motion known as trailers way. This is one of the main cause soft owing accidents, especially in bad weather. The solution is to drive slower, which means your commute takes longer. If you travel more than 500miles, it means your cost sincre a sedue to the need for accommodation and food. Towing a vehicle also reduces your gas mileage, so you'll use more fuel.


If you're just pulling through town or a short distance, this might be your best bet. However, if your migration is lengthy, there are other issues to consider as you will see below.

Types of Vehicles

While the dolly can tow most front-wheel drive vehicles and some other types of vehicles, there are weight limitations that make it impossible to tow heavier vehicles.


  • Since the towing dolly works by leaving two wheels on the road, towing longer distances can cause the tires to wear out more easily.

  • If you tow a vehicle low to the ground or with a long front end, there may be a ground clearance problem, which may leave the body kit, bumpers and undercarriage parts on top of the vehicle. ground.


As mentioned, towing a car will slow you down. Time will depend on you.

About Using a Tow Truck.

A tractor-trailer is a vehicle intended for use in quick pickup trucks that travel short distances. These are the trucks you call in an emergency when you're stuck on the side of the road. The driver can fix your car while you wait by the side of the road, before deciding to tow. They are also used to move poorly parked vehicles or recover a car. The more cars a truck driver can move in a day, the more money he makes.

In other words, they're the ones to call in an emergency, not if you're planning a move.


Since they are called in an emergency and support is quick, the cost will be high.


Generally, these trucks work within short distances.

Types of Vehicles

This will depend on the type of trailer used. Some have flat beds, others pull similar to a pull dolly. Some will have a higher weight limit than others.


If the trailer is not flat, the risk of tire wear is the same. However, another damage risk is that these drivers make more money by towing more vehicles. Rainfall can sometimes damage towed vehicles.


If you need a quick pickup and transport, this is the way to go.

Hiring Professional Auto Shipping Companies 

Professional trucking companies offer the flatbed trailers you'll find that can transport multiple vehicles at once, as well as any other type of vehicle trailer. The best shipping companies, like BeWeeg LLC, offer both closed and open forms of transportation, have different equipment for transporting unique vehicles, have the ability to reach drivers everywhere, and provide Excellent transparent customer service.


Shipping costs for your vehicle. Costs will depend on where you're traveling, the distance, size and brand of your vehicle, your choice of closed or open transportation, and even seasonal changes in shipping. Although expensive, you don't have to worry about the additional costs of food and accommodation that you need to drag it yourself. Peace of mind savings are often worth it.


Most car shipping companies will ship any distance. The farther you go, it will cost per mile approximately. 

Types of Vehicles 

Leading companies will have access to a wide range of equipment that will allow them to transport everything from vintage motorcycles and cars to heavy equipment.


Minor weather damage and road debris may occur if you choose a well-ventilated mode of transport. However, these damages are usually minor and are covered by insurance. Choosing a slightly more expensive self-contained transportation option will still give your vehicle the best protection of any kind.


Most auto transport companies require advance notice to schedule your car. They have to plan the route, find a driver, and (unless you pay extra) your car will be transported with other vehicles. That said, you can still get fast or same-day delivery, at a cost of course. The time between pick up and drop off will depend on the distance. Drivers must follow the rules of the road, including driving time limits. Like all of us, they are also subject to the whims of the weather.

Shipping with BeWeeg LLC means cost-effective and Secure Transportation

Contact BeWeeg today to find out what we have to offer. If you decide you want to tow it yourself, we'll back it up, because we love to drive.

However, if you don't have time to do it safely, or are worried about towing a vehicle yourself, talk to our dealers and request a guaranteed transparent price quote! Trust our team of experienced drivers to deliver your vehicle quickly, safely and securely.

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